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She Knows

With statistics showing that roughly half of all first marriages in the U.S. will end in divorce, with the percentage actually growing on each subsequent marriage, it’s clear that “til death do us part” is not a guarantee. In this excellent article by She Knows, Laurie and other experts offer their thoughts on the red flags we need to be aware of and how they can be handled when they present themselves.

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Queens Lead

Laurie recently interviewed with host Amy Singleton for the show Queens Lead which is a wonderful platform for women to inspire other women. The topics range from Laurie overcoming tragedy by helping others, the role of social media in our lives, how to serve as our own “therapists” and a host of other issues.

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We know that being a parent can be hard but being a single parent presents even more challenges. In this excellent article for, Laurie goes in to the role of therapy for single parents who may feel they’re on an island and need some help. She discusses the role of the therapist in letting people know they’re not alone as well as the process of finding the right therapist for an individual’s needs.

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Author Nation

Laurie recently interviewed with Melody Ann Owen for the excellent audio and video series titled Author Nation. The two delved in to the transformative journey of healing through writing memoirs and the power of storytelling in self-empowerment.

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In this article for Forbes, Laurie offers her insight in to online therapy for ADHD, questions to ask a potential therapist and what to expect from the process.

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Peleton - The Output

As a decorated endurance athlete, Laurie was asked to offer some thoughts to fitness leader Peloton about the post-marathon blues many experienced runners face. But those ‘blues” can exist when many endeavors we pour our hearts, minds and bodies in to are over. Proper recovery, and setting new goals, is the key.

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Winter time brings cooler temps, shorter days and, for many, a yearly challenge. Impacting women much more than men, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can present itself in many ways with symptoms ranging from mild to debilitating. In this comprehensive article, Laurie shares her insight into the “why’s of SAD and what we can to do help ourselves navigate this typically temporary condition.

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The Messenger

As we kick off the New Year, Laurie offered some thoughts on resolutions for an excellent, new outlet called The Messenger. In it, she discusses why it’s important to set realistic goals, which gives us the best chance for success, and allows us to build on those positive feelings.

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Secondhand Therapy

Laurie sat down in-studio with Michael Malone and Lou Paoletti, hosts of the popular podcast Secondhand Therapy, where they covered a wide variety of topics related to mental health. They all had a great rapport and this is a fun, enlightening and educational look in to some of the daily struggles many of us face.

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RSD, which stands for rejection sensitive dysphoria, speaks to how some have an overwhelming response to rejection. For those with ADHD, it can be particularly traumatic. Laurie discusses why Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be particularly helpful and why mental health disorders should not define who we are as individuals.

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Well + Good

While both therapy and exercise can be important components to ouir overall well-being, one is not necessarily a substitute for the other. Laurie touches on why benefits are increased when both exercise and therapy are used in conjunction.

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We’ve all heard that breaking up is hard to do and know that each situation is different. Laurie’s thoughts are included in this round-up of top professionals where she discusses moving on from a break-up and the questions we need to ask ourselves to determine when and if it’s the right time to seek another relationship.

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The Deseret News

Most every parent knows what it’s like for their children to act out. But dealing with challenging behavior entails more than just saying “No.” In this article Laurie explains some of the signs parents need to be aware of if their child is acting out at school at home and some tips to determine why the behavior is occurring and the appropriate response.


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There is no one-size fits all strategy for therapy but Laurie was asked about a technique she uses effectively in this article by the major publication Forbes. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, which falls under “talk therapy,” focuses on developing solutions to problems as opposed to just identifying the problem itself. This deep dive article zeroes on the many facets and techniques of this increasingly popular technique.

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Feed Your Mind

Laurie interviewed with popular podcast host Mel Rapozo, who is also the Council Chairperson for the county of Kauai, HI, to explore her life, career and specific issues and solutions she frequently comes across in her practice.

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In this wide-ranging video interview, Laurie discusses many of the common issues she sees in her practice, the thought process behind treatment and some real-life examples of what we can do when facing struggles.


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The phrase “gaslighting” has taken on a different meaning from its original form. In this interview with VICE magazine, Laurie explains the true definition of the term, how it’s enacted to disrupt someone’s view of reality and the signs to be aware of if you notice the behavior in others.

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While not listed as an official symptom of ADHD, “time blindness,” where diagnosed individuals easily lose track of time, is all too real. Laurie offers her thoughts on what time blindness is, its impact on those suffering from it and some tips on how to cope.

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The Model Mindset

Laurie was interviewed by the popular podcast The Model Mindset and takes a deep dive in to her life, career and unique melding of Cognitive and Behavioral therapy techniques.


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Laurie offers her thoughts on the varieties of therapies available to children and why dialectical behavior therapy can help children develop a standard set of skills they can carry with them as they grow.

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Laurie shares her knowledge of the common condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) including why it happens, the physical and emotional stress sufferers face and steps individuals can take to help alleviate the symptoms.

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Elite Daily

Laurie discusses why those seeking mental health advice on TikTok need to be aware that treatment isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition and can actually be detrimental.


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Along with other leading experts, Laurie spoke with Forbes to break down what talk therapy is, the different forms it takes, why it’s effective and what to consider when choosing a therapist specializing in talk therapy.

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Up Journey

Laurie shares some thoughts on how to identify a friend or family member who may be struggling with anxiety and steps that can be taken to help.

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It's a Wrap

Laurie discusses her career as a Behavioral Specialist and touches on a variety of mental health issues in this 30-minute podcast interview.


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Reader's Digest

Laurie shares her thoughts on the mental health condition known as agorophobia – it’s causes, symptoms and steps to take for those dealing with the condition.

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Scary Mommy

As a follow-up to a previous story on how to help children who are bullied, Laurie shares her advice for parents to determine if their own child is a bully and the steps to take to help them control the behavior.

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Verywell Family

Laurie shares her insight in to self-harm by children to help parents better understand what it is, the signs to be aware of and the steps to take if they feel a child is harming themselves.


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Life Well Lived

Laurie sits down with host Omobola Stephens to discuss the intersection between Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and why applying them in conjunction can better help those suffering from a wide variety of mental health issues.

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Laurie shares her thoughts on a recent study that shows how Cogntive Behavorial Therapy can greatly increase positive outcomes when used in conjunction with individualized, medical care for issues related to chronic back pain.  

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Scary Mommy

Cell phones are everywhere and most children will invariably ask their parents for one. Laurie discusses the appropriate age for a child to receive a cell phone, the responsibility that comes with it and what parents need to do to make sure their child is using the phone responsibly.


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Warriors Unmasked

In this podcast, Laurie discusses her life and career and offers thoughts on how to be present in the moment, tools for coping in the face of adversity, changing bad habits, the grieving process and much more.

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Scary Mommy

When kids head off to school or out with their friends the hope for parents is that their children will be safe, engaged and happy. But childhood bullying exists, both in-person and online. In this article, Laurie shares some of the physical and emotional warning signs a child is being bullied and how a parent can help them to cope and overcome the situation.

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Rick Flynn Presents

Laurie discusses “You’re Not Crazy” and the day-to-day work of a therapist

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TMG Podcast

Laurie talks about the triggers that can impact our mental health

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Deseret News

Simple ways to boost your mental health

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Scary Mommy

When & how should you talk to your kids about alcohol? Tip: Start early

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A Local Affair

This week Kent talks with Laurie Singer, author of “You’re Not Crazy: Living with Anxiety, Obsessions and Fetishes”.

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the be ruthless show

Episode 122 | You’re Not Crazy with Laurie Singer

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Deseret News

What happened to children’s emotional health in the pandemic?



Unpacking “Doorknob Confessions”: An Avoidance Tactic Our Brains Employ in Therapy

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Authentic Talks

Episode 221 | You’re Not Crazy Living with Anxiety, Obsessions and Fetishes | Guest: Laurie Singer

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Psych Central

When you’re overwhelmed by a million tasks and end up doing nothing — that’s what ADHD paralysis feels like.

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Since losing her two-year-old son to cancer Laurie Singer has devoted her life to the field of mental health.

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Laurie Singer on You’re Not Crazy: There is Hope for Those Experiencing Anxiety, Obsessions, or Fetishes

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Digital Trends

Children are using screens more than ever, and some experts are worried that the trend could lead to a form of digital addiction.

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Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth

Episode 3: Laurie Singer

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Blossom Your Awesome

Blossom Your Awesome Episode #42 – You’re Not Crazy With Laurie Singer


The trippiest sci-fi movie on Amazon Prime reveals a strange debate about the human brain


How to Tell if You Have a Bad Therapist

Giving starts with you

Anxieties and the steps to overcome them with Laurie Singer

The Deseret News

The Next Teen Epidemic

The Zack Ballinger Show

Career Advice with therapist Laurie Singer

The Deseret News

How to talk to your kids about Russia’s attack on Ukraine

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The Millennial Source

What is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)?

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Psych Central

Behavioral therapy can help your child learn tips and tricks to manage their ADHD every day.

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US News and World Report

What is Relational Aggression?

The Deseret News

Why did this big challenge get worse in the pandemic — and will we recuperate?

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Nonfiction Authors Association

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as an author?

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The Healthy

The 7 Best Sunrise Alarm Clocks for Seasonal Affective Disorder


8 signs that you’re dealing with an emotionally unavailable person, according to experts


The best post-apocalypse show on HBO Max reveals a strange societal truth


In Wildfire Country, PTSD is Dominating Burned-out Communities

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Choose Your Struggle

From Heartbreak to Helping Others with Laurie Singer

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The Invisible Wheelchair (Podcast)

Laurie Singer – Therapist and Author Interview

Medium / Authority

Women In Wellness: Laurie Singer On The Five Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Help Support People’s Journey Towards Better Wellbeing

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The Neutral Ground Podcast

Anxiety, Depression, and Obsession | An Important Conversation with Behavioral Therapist Laurie Singer

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The Acorn

New book brings hope to those struggling with mental health

Hello Giggles

5 Ways to Cope With Existential Anxiety

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The Table Read

Author Interview – Laurie Singer – You’re Not Crazy

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