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Rick Flynn Presents

Laurie discusses “You’re Not Crazy” and the day-to-day work of a therapist

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TMG Podcast

Laurie talks about the triggers that can impact our mental health

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Deseret News

Simple ways to boost your mental health

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Scary Mommy

When & how should you talk to your kids about alcohol? Tip: Start early

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A Local Affair

This week Kent talks with Laurie Singer, author of “You’re Not Crazy: Living with Anxiety, Obsessions and Fetishes”.

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the be ruthless show

Episode 122 | You’re Not Crazy with Laurie Singer

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Deseret News

What happened to children’s emotional health in the pandemic?



Unpacking “Doorknob Confessions”: An Avoidance Tactic Our Brains Employ in Therapy

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Authentic Talks

Episode 221 | You’re Not Crazy Living with Anxiety, Obsessions and Fetishes | Guest: Laurie Singer

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Psych Central

When you’re overwhelmed by a million tasks and end up doing nothing — that’s what ADHD paralysis feels like.

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Since losing her two-year-old son to cancer Laurie Singer has devoted her life to the field of mental health.

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Laurie Singer on You’re Not Crazy: There is Hope for Those Experiencing Anxiety, Obsessions, or Fetishes

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Digital Trends

Children are using screens more than ever, and some experts are worried that the trend could lead to a form of digital addiction.

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Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wealth

Episode 3: Laurie Singer

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Blossom Your Awesome

Blossom Your Awesome Episode #42 – You’re Not Crazy With Laurie Singer


The trippiest sci-fi movie on Amazon Prime reveals a strange debate about the human brain


How to Tell if You Have a Bad Therapist

Giving starts with you

Anxieties and the steps to overcome them with Laurie Singer

The Deseret News

The Next Teen Epidemic

The Zack Ballinger Show

Career Advice with therapist Laurie Singer

The Deseret News

How to talk to your kids about Russia’s attack on Ukraine

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The Millennial Source

What is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)?

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Psych Central

Behavioral therapy can help your child learn tips and tricks to manage their ADHD every day.

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US News and World Report

What is Relational Aggression?

The Deseret News

Why did this big challenge get worse in the pandemic — and will we recuperate?

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Nonfiction Authors Association

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as an author?

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The Healthy

The 7 Best Sunrise Alarm Clocks for Seasonal Affective Disorder


8 signs that you’re dealing with an emotionally unavailable person, according to experts


The best post-apocalypse show on HBO Max reveals a strange societal truth


In Wildfire Country, PTSD is Dominating Burned-out Communities

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Choose Your Struggle

From Heartbreak to Helping Others with Laurie Singer

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The Invisible Wheelchair (Podcast)

Laurie Singer – Therapist and Author Interview

Medium / Authority

Women In Wellness: Laurie Singer On The Five Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Help Support People’s Journey Towards Better Wellbeing

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The Neutral Ground Podcast

Anxiety, Depression, and Obsession | An Important Conversation with Behavioral Therapist Laurie Singer

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The Acorn

New book brings hope to those struggling with mental health

Hello Giggles

5 Ways to Cope With Existential Anxiety

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The Table Read

Author Interview – Laurie Singer – You’re Not Crazy

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